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The devaluation of Trust

For the people who know me professionally, it is no secret that I have grown a fascination for Trust. For example: What is it, can you measure it and how do you nurture it? Is there a difference between trust in people and trust in an organization? I still have a lot of questions left, […]

The evolution of trust in a Game

I ran into this game and think it is a really cool way to represent what trust is. It will cost you about 15-20 minutes but I believe it is worth the time. I played during my train ride to my work.


Niks te verbergen en toch veel te zien. De grote datatechnologie bedrijven kennen jou beter dan jij jezelf. Naast de filosofische vraag of je eigenlijk iets te verbergen hebt is er de wat directere vraag: hoe voelt het dat iedereen alles van je kan zien. Je gaat tenslotte ook niet in je blootje over straat. […]